Automatic real-time backups

All changes to your Woocommerce site are backed up automatically as they happen.

Backup orders as they come in

Backing up in real-time means that you will now be able to recover orders that came in just 10 minutes ago. This changes everything!

Make changes with confidence

Trying out new things on your store? Do it with confidence, because if you change your mind, a lightning-fast restore is just a click away.

Stage your Woocommerce & other updates

When your whole business depends on your website running smoothly, we cannot risk an update turning sour. That's why you can now test updates in an independent clone of your live site and when confident, move them over to the live site.

Be disaster-ready

Your woocommerce site is very fragile and vulnerable to a variety of factors like human errors, hacks or malware infections. No matter what the danger, rest assured, knowing we got your back.

Backup orders as they come in

Every single order is backed up individually as soon as it is recorded in the database.

Never lose another order, ever again.

Once you get a new order, it triggers a backup to back itself up immediately. :O Woah! I know, right. Your orders are safe even if your woocommerce site crashes and burns to the ground.

Make changes with confidence

A lightning-fast restore is just a click away. Change away!

Always keep changing. And progressing.

Never hesitate to try out new ideas, design changes or usability improvements. If you change your mind, restore to any old state with a single click of the button.

Stage your Woocommerce & other updates

Test all updates in the Staging site and then move them to the live site.

Safer updates, safer store.

When you test out updates in the staging site and move them to the live store, you make it safer for your business and your visitors.

Safe-guard your Woocommerce site now.

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