How is it better?

The incremental backup method  is better than traditional full backups in all aspects including resource consumption, storage space usage, performance, reliability etc.

Traditional full backups

Traditional backup solutions back up all files and the database of your website over and over again for each backup. This is an extremely inefficient use of server memory and disk space. To illustrate better how bad this is, if the backup of your website is 500MB in size, ~15GB is used up if you backup daily and want an archive of 30 days even if there are no changes at all.

The process of zipping all files and database puts a strain on server resources and can slow down your website. The success of these backups largely depends on the size of your website. Larger the website, lower the success rate. 😟

Incremental backups

With incremental backups, only the files and db entries that have changed are backed up instead of backing up the whole site every time. Even if a day’s worth of change amounts to 10MB, a 30-day archive will take only an extra 300MB, instead of the traditional 15GB. That’s quite a lot of space freed up for more of those awesome high-res photos for your blog.

And since there is no compressing or zipping involved, it’s very light on your server memory as well. The size of your website is immaterial because the unchanged parts of your site remain untouched. Oh yea!

Traditional backup solutions

Backups are compressed and zipped

Heavy server memory consumption

Multiple zip files are created every time

Precious storage space is wasted

Unzip backup zip file and restore the whole site

Consumes time and server memory

WP Time Capsule

No zipping. Changes are dropped into your cloud app.

Low server memory usage

Backs up incrementally. No multiple copies of files.

Far less storage space usage

Restores specific files + DB or all changed files + DB

Faster restore

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