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Automated daily backups
15-day restore points
Eagle eye dashboard

It's considered best practice to backup before updating your site. With WPTC, a helpful reminder prompts me to create a backup before I update. I love that.

Devin Walker

This is by far the simplest backup plugin interface I've seen. So much so I think it's replaced my current recommendation of BackupBuddy.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

WP Time Capsule is easy to install. With a few keystrokes you can easily set up scheduled backups for your WordPress site. There is a selection of cloud storage destinations for your backups Including Google Drive (a great bonus as you can get 15 Gb of storage with google by merely signing up) other destinations include Dropbox and Amazon S3. After that Time Capsule takes incremental backs on a scheduled basis. The PRO versions offer the ability to Stage your web site.

John Labella

Support (via email) is quickly responding to issues and it seems the dev-team is open to and welcomes suggestions.

Piet Bos

WP Time Capsule takes care of daily WordPress backups without hassle. Set it up, do the initial backup and you're done. Using it for more than 15 websites and everything works great. Thanks for creating this great plugin

Marcel Bootsman

Incremental All The Way! I like the fact that this is an incremental backups plugin! Tried it and it worked pretty good. Keep up the good work.

Ahmad Awais