Backs up only the changes.

Being an incremental backup solution, WPTC backs up only the changed files and changed tables in the database.


UpdraftPlus has recently introduced incremental backups. It backups up only the changes but the difference is you can choose which incremental backups to restore but you will never be able to take your WP site to its exact state when that backup was taken. 

WP Time Capsule

With WPTC, no backup is taken when there are no changes and when something changes, only the changes are backed up. You can take it back to the exact state when the backup was taken.

"Incremental All The Way! I like the fact that this is an incremental backups plugin! Tried it and it worked pretty good. Keep up the good work."
Ahmed Awais
Full Stack WordPress Developer

Staging environment, out of the box.

Create an independent clone of your live site to test out changes and updates.


Creating a clone of the live site is a manual process that includes backing up the live site, uploading it in a different location along with a processing file and then takes multiple steps to set it up. With their new product UpdraftClone this can be done with a click.

WP Time Capsule

One-click staging does all the manual work for you. Also, once tested and happy, you can move the changes to the live site with a single push of a button. With a click of a button you can spin staging sites and have an update run for your approval.

"With WPTC I get to stage my updates on a test site before making them live. If something is messed up on the staged site, I figure out what went wrong before I apply the update on my client’s site. This feature for me is a real life saver."
Sujay Pawar
Founder, Astra Themes.

White-label our technology

Completely rebrand the plugin


You can’t. 🤷🏻

WP Time Capsule

Remove all mentions of “WP Time Capsule” from the plugin list view – Plugin name, description, company name and the link – and add your own details.

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