Simpler than BackupBuddy.

With no zipping involved, backing up and restoring are done by moving just the changed files.

Backing up process
  1. Initiate backup.
  2. Wait for it to complete.
  3. Send it to the storage location.
Restoring process
  1. Download ImportBuddy.php file.
  2. Upload ImportBuddy.php and backup zip file and to the destination server.
  3. Open the uploaded ImportBuddy.php file via a web browser.
  4. Authenticate with the ImportBuddy password.
  5. Choose the uploaded backup file or choose from their Stash repo.
  6. Unzip backup file.
  7. Create a new database.
  8. Enter the WordPress site URL and database settings like MySQL server, database name, database user, database password and database prefix and run a test to confirm if the database settings are valid.
  9. Import database.
  10. Migrate database to update URL, paths etc.
  11. Cleanup temporary files.
WP Time Capsule
Backing up process

Do nothing. All changes are backed up automatically.

Restoring process
  1. Choose the date you want to restore your website to.
  2. Click on a restore point or to restore specific files, select them and click Restore button.
"This is by far the simplest backup plugin interface I've seen. So much so I think it's replaced my current recommendation of BackupBuddy."
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Blogger, Photographer & Educator, New Jersey.

Backs up only the changes.

Being an incremental backup solution, WPTC backs up only the changed files and changed tables in the database.


BackupBuddy backs up all files and the database every time irrespective of changes. This is a wasteful & inefficient backup method. A 30-day archive uses up exponentially-high disk space.


*With Stash Live, you get incremental backups which costs extra for storage and revisions are charged as a complete backup. Even if just one file changes, you will be paying for storing the complete website.

WP Time Capsule

With WPTC, no backup is taken when there are no changes and when something changes, only the changes are backed up.

"Incremental All The Way! I like the fact that this is an incremental backups plugin! Tried it and it worked pretty good. Keep up the good work."
Ahmed Awais
Full Stack WordPress Developer

Staging environment, out of the box.

Create an independent clone of your live site to test out changes and updates.


Creating a clone of the live site is a manual process that includes backing up the live site, uploading it in a different location along with a processing file and then takes multiple steps to set it up.

WP Time Capsule

One-click staging does all the manual work for you. Also, once tested and happy, you can move the changes to the live site with a single push of a button.

"With WPTC I get to stage my updates on a test site before making them live. If something is messed up on the staged site, I figure out what went wrong before I apply the update on my client’s site. This feature for me is a real life saver."
Sujay Pawar
Founder, Astra Themes.

White-label our technology

Completely rebrand the plugin


You can’t. 🤷🏻

WP Time Capsule

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