Don’t put your or your clients’ business at risk by using a non-GDPR-compliant backup solution.

Secure File Transfers

Avoid the risks of non-compliant file transfers

Encryption of files in motion and at rest

All your files are protected with 256-bit AES keys to protect files at rest, and encrypts data in motion with 128-bit AES SSL/TLS encryption.

End-to-end file non-repudiation

It is the ability to prove who uploaded a specific file, who downloaded it, when it was performed, and that the file uploaded and the file downloaded are identical.

Data integrity confirmation

Successful file transfers to protect accuracy are validated once complete using the cryptographically valid MD5 algorithm.

Detailed logs of file transfer activity

Every file tranferred is logged and is available for verification.

Encrypted Database Backups

Secure your database by encrypting it while backing up

AES 128-bit encryption

AES 128-bit encryption, considered to be logically unbreakable, is one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption algorithms and technologies.

Off-site user-defined key

The encryption key is defined by the user and not stored on-site. This way even if the server is compromised and access gained to the encrypted database backup, it cannot be decrypted.

Breach liability immunity

In case of a breach, encryption, when applied to the affected data and resulted in the personal data being unintelligible to anyone who isn’t authorized to access them, may set you free of the duty to inform people whose personal data were stolen.

Compliant with upcoming ePrivacy Regulation

ePrivacy Regulation, in support of the revised security requirements in the GDPR, says “In order to safeguard the security and integrity of networks and services, the use of end-to-end encryption should be promoted and, where necessary, be mandatory in accordance with the principles of security and privacy by design."

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