Set & Forget

Schedule your backups once and WPTC will automatically backup your websites daily. We’ve got your back!

WP Time Capsule gives you the power to choose specific files and database! You no longer have to keep watch on the backup status or be forced to backup default files when you can choose what files you want to backup!

Off-site Backups

Choose between Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 to store your website’s files and DB.

WP Time Capsule gives you control over the storage of your website’s backup! We respect privacy ;)

One-Click Restore

Conveniently restore your website to a point of your choice with one click.

WP Time Capsule gives you more flexibility when it comes to restoring your website! You can restore a specific file or an entire site or just the database. You can also restore your website even if it’s down or deleted.

Website Rollback

Go back in time and switch to previous versions of plugins, themes or WP without losing your data.

WP Time Capsule makes sure you love plugin, theme and WordPress updates! If your website auto-updates or if you update it manually and something breaks, WPTC waves its magic wand on your website allowing you to rollback your website to a previous point in time without losing any data after that update.

File Change Monitor

Get instant notifications when there are unauthorised changes to files on your websites!

WP Time Capsule gives you the comfort of a peaceful night’s sleep and not worry about malware attacks!

You no longer have to be worried about a file changing randomly If the plugin suspects any abnormal activity,

you will be notified instantly.

One Click Staging

Stage your live site and test updates without having to worry about the changes breaking your site.

WP Time Capsule offers you the will to update your WordPress site fearlessly!

Before making any changes to your live website, you have the option of making a complete copy of your website and testing the changes. Play all you want without the fear of breaking your live website.

Backup Before Update

WPTC backs up your site automatically before each update.

WP Time Capsule gives you the sheer confidence to enable Auto-updates! You can now update your sites without worrying that it would break your site. WPTC has it all backed up automatically.

Copyright 2016 WP Time Capsule - All Rights Reserved •

Copyright 2016 WP Time Capsule - All Rights Reserved