1 WP Time Capsule - A backup plugin that sets you free from update nightmares

A backup plugin built for your Agency needs!

Save Big On Storage

The concept of versioning makes incremental backups possible! Leveraging this technology, WP Time Capsule
helps you save quite a large amount of storage space thus eliminating the need for redundant copies of zipped and
compressed traditional backups. This in-turn would reduce your storage costs exponentially :D

Our Efforts Will Now Bear Your Name

Put your brand before ours and boost your agency’s image amongst your clients. Having a backup solution of your own will increase the trust factor for your clients. A big plus we’d say! Edit the WP Time Capsule plugin installed on your client sites and change all details.

Eagle’s eye view of all backups

Individually logging into each of your client’s sites to check on the backup status is quite cumbersome. With the master dashboard, you can check backup statuses, time of backups, plugin versions etc of all your websites collectively.

Patch Security Updates Automagically

Applying security updates as soon as they are released is paramount to the safety of your website. Hackers usually exploit unpatched items between the time it is released to when you actually apply the update. You no longer have to manually look out for security updates and patch them asap. We can apply these updates automatically for you.

Get a bigger 120-day restore window

After you turn over completed websites to your clients, they make frequent changes to the website content or install a new plugin. They, more often than not, mess something up and either don’t notice or don’t tell your within 30 days. That’s when a bigger restore window comes in as a saviour. With restore points available for upto 120 days, you can recover the sites from an older backup. Google drive only supports 30 days restore points.

One-click Staging

Update your sites fearlessly! Before updating the live site, replicate it in a staging environment and test updates. Play all you want without the fear of breaking your site. Push changes from live site to staging and vice-versa.

One Click Update

Coming Soon

Using the master dashboard, you will be able to apply all updates across all your websites in a single click.

Test Your Restore Points

Coming Soon

There is a saying ‘Backups are great until it's time to restore’. We provide an easy way to test your restores periodically :)

Rollback an update

Coming Soon

Is an update causing issues or simply liked the older version better? You will be able to easily rollback the core, plugin or theme update to any previous version without losing any data from your website.

Scan for visual changes after an update

Coming Soon

Seeing the same website over and over again, you may fail to notice subtle but costly visual changes after an update. Our visual comparison technology spots these changes and alerts you through email with a link to restore or rollback the site.